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March 2008
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Meet Editor Alison van Diggelen
Inspiring mothers in Silicon Valley: interviews, profiles & blog
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Siliconmom has been featured on Channel Two KTVU, The Silicon Valley  Business Program, Channel 16 Cable TV, The Silicon Valley Magazine, BBC radio, The Financial Times of London and the San Jose Mercury News
Hello and welcome to the new look
It's been eight years since I founded siliconmom and since then it has grown organically into something sprawling and inspiring.
It was long overdue a make over, but like many good intentions during motherhood, it was put on the backburner. Then an old friend told me my website was cluttered! Cluttered? I spluttered.  But she was right - there comes a time when even favorite things need re-potted. I hope you like the leaner and cleaner look!

With all this new energy  focused on streamlining siliconmom, I've also started a blog where you can read about what's going on in Silicon Valley:
   - political rally in San Francisco
   - high energy at the Bay Area's Girl Geek Dinner at Google HQ
  -  highlights of SDForum's GREEN tech conference
  -  Mia Farrow's visit  and her moving appeal to end the apathy over Darfur
As always, I welcome your feedback...let me know wha
t you think!
Cheers Alison van Diggelen
Write to alison (at) siliconmom (dot) com
We have archives going back to the bad old days before Facebook and MySpace. Come browse with a coffee; stay for a five course meal! There are archives on everything from post partum issues to why housework makes you ugly.
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Green mothers unite!
Here are some great resources for making your house and life greener, plus handy advice from Bay Area moms
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Meet some Silicon Valley moms who have stories that will delight and inspire you. Get some great resources for forums and networking events in and around Silicon Valley..
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Does politics get you on fire? Want to know more about the issues?
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All you need to know to get more involved in radio. Links for submissions and an archive of radio commentaries.
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